Wednesday, April 11, 2007


That which remains suspended in OPTIMIZATION radiates possibilities.

From the dance of the unnecessary and the crucial the realms of perception emerge.

Armed with the capacity to distinguish and delay, to emphasize and attenuate with the fundamental gesturetech of Dub, the SoundLight (data) of the world can be resolved into shape and form.

Research is the act of tracing data back to its source of OPTIMIZATION, pinpointing its local perfection.

Nothing could be more natural than following the warmth or the song back to its source, to locate that point that made its enjoyment possible in the first place. This is the act of worship. Nothing could be more common than treating the warmth or the song as if it were the ALL MOVING, as if every expression was meant to be taken at face value. This is the act of idolatry.

It is tempting to be seduced by the idea that everything has already been accomplished, that in every sound are sounds to be heard and sounds heard already. To imagine that light and shadow, sound and silence, are exclusive and absolute multiplicities is to conflate a candle with a star, and a waterfall with a voice: straight maya, the glimmers, the veil. Poetics is power, but the motion of metaphor is merely a parallax view.